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Utilizing a water softener in Denver is essential, given the city’s water hardness fluctuating between 4-10 grains per gallon (gpg). A water softener, utilizing resin media and ion-exchange, effectively removes contaminants, crucial for safeguarding skin and hair, avoiding pipe blockages, and reducing the frequency of appliance replacements. This is vital for Denver residents to ensure smooth household functioning and maintain individual well-being.

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how does a water softener work?

Understanding how does a water softener work is essential to appreciate the significance of having one. A water softener operates through a process called ion-exchange, using resin beads charged with sodium ions. As hard water passes through the softener, the resin beads attract and hold onto the calcium and magnesium ions, which primarily constitute hard water, replacing them with sodium ions. This process effectively removes the “hardness” from the water, rendering it “soft”. Soft water is under 3 grains per gallon (gpg). Anything over 3 gpg is considered “hard water”.

Soft water prevents scale buildup in pipes and appliances, enhances the effectiveness of soaps and detergents, and can contribute to better skin and hair health. It’s this transformative process that makes water softeners crucial in areas with hard water issues.

Water softeners are designed not only to combat water hardness by reducing calcium and magnesium levels, but they also play a crucial role in removing a variety of contaminants that can be harmful to one’s health. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), effective water softeners can be engineered to filter out iron and manganese, heavy metals, and even some radioactive elements. Furthermore, they are proficient in eliminating nitrates, arsenic, chromium, selenium, and sulfate, safeguarding Denver residents from the adverse effects of these contaminants and ensuring the provision of clean, safe water.

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Types of Water softeners

There are several diverse types of water softeners available to cater to varying needs and preferences. Traditional resin-based softeners utilize ion-exchange processes to replace hardness ions with sodium ions. Salt-free water systems, on the other hand, condition water without using salt, preventing scale buildup without altering the water’s chemistry. Lastly, water filtration and softening combination systems not only soften water but also remove impurities and contaminants, offering a comprehensive water treatment solution.

Traditional Softeners

Traditional resin-based water softeners operate utilizing ion-exchange processes, where resin beads within the system are charged with sodium ions. As hard water flows through the unit, the resin beads attract and hold the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, exchanging them for sodium ions, thus softening the water.

Salt-Free Softeners

Saltless water softeners work differently, employing either magnetic fields or template-assisted crystallization (TAC) technology, also known as eSoft technology, to condition water. Magnetic systems impart a negative charge to the water, deterring hard water contaminants from adhering to surfaces, while eSoft technology alters the structure of hardness minerals, preventing them from forming scale deposits.

Water Filter Softener Combo

Water filtration and softening combination systems are optimal for comprehensive water treatment as they integrate the functionality of both softening and filtration in a single unit. They soften water by reducing the hardness minerals and simultaneously filter out harmful contaminants and impurities, ensuring the water is not only soft but also clean and safe for consumption.

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Water Softener Systems

Navigating through water softener companies in Denver can be overwhelming, but finding a solution tailored to meet the specific water conditions of the area is crucial. In such a diverse market, our product line stands out, offering advanced water softener systems designed to combat Denver’s unique water hardness levels effectively. We specialize in a range of innovative water filtration systems, specifically optimized for Denver’s water quality, ensuring residents have access to soft, clean, and healthy water. Our commitment is to provide the most reliable and efficient water softener systems in Denver, creating a seamless experience for all users.

So, let’s explore the optimal water softener systems designed to meet the distinctive water needs of Denver and its neighboring regions.

1. Traditional Water Softener

ELV8 UltraSoft Water Softener


introducing the ELV78 UltraSoft Water Softener, your ultimate solution for eliminating water hardness, engineered and crafted by ELV8 Water Filtration Products. This high-quality softener tackles the problem of scale build-up, which clogs your plumbing, shortens the lifespan of water heaters, and reduces the efficiency of appliances. Unlike other water softeners, the ELV78 UltraSoft series incorporates advanced technology to provide you with soft water that leaves your skin smooth, your hair shiny, and your laundry vibrant.

User-Friendly & Hassle-Free Our ELV78 UltraSoft Water Softener boasts an easy-to-program system. All you need to do is input the hardness level of your water. Even better, this system retains your settings, so there’s no need for resetting, even after a power outage.

Benefits of ELV78 UltraSoft Water Softener:

  • Prolongs the life of plumbing & appliances
  • Reduces soap and detergent usage
  • Offers spot-free dishes
  • Improves skin and hair texture

All our products are proudly made in the USA and installed by our in-house team, promising high quality service and speedy installations. With ELV78 UltraSoft, you’re not just buying a product; you’re investing in a long-term solution for clean, soft water.

Required maintenance:
Maintenance will be require every 1-2 years.

2. Saltless Water Softener Option

ELV8 4S Water Conditioner


Presenting the ELV8 4S Water Conditioning System, a cutting-edge solution by ELV8 Water Filtration Products, setting a new standard in water purity and softness. This advanced system offers a unique 5-stage process utilizing Resin (or a magnet for saltless option), Carbon, KDF, and Stone Bedding, ensuring every drop of water in your home is of the highest quality.

User-Friendly & Efficient:
ELV8 4S features an intuitive, easy-to-program interface, requiring minimal adjustments and retaining your settings even after power interruptions, offering hassle-free operation.

Advanced Five-Stage Filtration Media:

  1. Resin: Efficiently softens water by removing calcium and magnesium ions.
    or Magnet: Nutralize the water with a negative charge to ensure hard contaminants do not stick to any surface.
  2. 2x Carbon: Effectively targets and reduces Chlorine, Taste, and Odor.
  3. KDF: Employed to significantly decrease heavy metals and other contaminants.
  4. Stone Bedding: Acts as a powerful filter, trapping sediment and contaminants as small as 0.5 microns.

Maintenance & Durability:
Low-maintenance and designed to require attention only every 1-2 years, promising longevity and consistent performance.

Optimal Benefits:

  • Extends the life of appliances and plumbing.
  • Ensures softer skin and vibrant hair.
  • Provides spot-free dishes and brighter clothes, while reducing detergent needs.

Saltless option available.

Crafted in the USA and installed by our specialized team, the ELV8 4S is not just a product; it’s a long-term investment in supreme water quality and healthy living.

3. Water Filtration & Softening Combo

ELV8 S7 Water Filtration System

ELV8 S7 Water Filtration System


Introducing the #1 sold water filtration system in Colorado. The ELV8 7S Water Filtration and Softening System by Clean Water Co, a revolutionary solution addressing the complete spectrum of contaminants found in water, enabling consumers to achieve unparalleled purity without purchasing multiple systems. This is the first system of its kind, offering supreme water purification and softening for every home, lasting 10 to 15 years maintenance-free, unlike competitors.

Unique Self-Maintaining System:
The ELV8 7S uses a salt system for self-cleaning, preventing bacteria growth, treating bacteria, disinfectants, and heavy metals, thus reducing damage to plumbing, minimizing health risks, and eliminating the need for bottled water.

Advanced Seven-Stage Filtration Media:

  1. Granular Carbon: Targets Chlorine, Taste, and Odor.
  2. Resin: Removes calcium and magnesium ions from water.
  3. Stone Bedding: Filters sediment and contaminants as small as 0.5 microns.
  4. 2x KDF 55: Reduces heavy metals like lead and mercury.
  5. 2x KDF 85: Enhanced with activated carbon for superior impurity reduction.

Maintenance & Durability:
Designed to last a decade and a half with no need for maintenance, post which, inexpensive carbon replacement is required.

Added Bonus:
The system includes a Reverse Osmosis system for under your sink, ensuring fully purified drinking and cooking water, although the entire house water will be filtered.

Saltless option available.

Invest in ELV8 7S for a long-term, comprehensive solution for purified, softened water in every tap of your home.

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Maintenance and Upkeep of Water Softeners in Denver

Investing in a water softener in Denver is more than just an initial purchase; it’s a long-term commitment to maintenance. Not all water softeners are created equal. Some come with the convenience of low maintenance, while others may need a little more attention to keep them running efficiently.

Unavoidable Maintenance Costs:

  • Resin Media Replacement: Estimated between $1,000 to $1,500, typically needed every 1-2 years.
  • Salt Refills: Approximately $10 to $50 per month, depending on usage and system capacity.

Before diving into a purchase, it’s vital to gauge the maintenance spectrum of the water softener. Not only does this influence the long-run costs, but also the device’s efficiency. Reflect on your comfort level in performing routine maintenance and factor in the potential cost of professional assistance when required.

Taking the time to understand the maintenance intricacies ensures that your chosen water softener aligns with your lifestyle, provides consistent performance, and remains cost-effective in the long haul.

For deeper insights on water softeners and their upkeep, explore the following articles:

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Water Softener

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Water Softener

A water softener is a device that removes hard minerals such as calcium and magnesium from water. The use of a water softener can provide a range of benefits for the home. These include softer skin and hair, cleaner clothes, longer-lasting appliances, and the ability...

water softener installation denver

Embarking on water softener installation in Denver requires precision and a comprehensive understanding of your home’s water system. While the principle is straightforward, the installation involves integration into the main water line preceding the water heater, it’s a task that necessitates professional acumen due to the complexities involved, such as cutting the main water line.

Clean Water Co strongly advises against self-installation; instead, we champion the use of our certified in-house team, ensuring each installation in Denver is meticulously executed, nullifying potential mishaps and guaranteeing seamless operation. Our professional approach is not only about mitigating risk but also about ensuring the longevity and optimal functionality of your water softener system.

The cost of installation is determined post a meticulous site survey, ensuring transparency and accuracy in our services. Opting for professional water softener installation in Denver with Clean Water Co means choosing reliability, precision, and peace of mind in enhancing your home’s water quality.

Warranty and Guarantees of Water Softeners

water softener system warranty

Before purchasing a water softener in Denver, it’s crucial to take into account the warranty and guarantees offered by the manufacturer. The warranty acts as a safety net, ensuring that your investment is protected in case of any defects or problems.

One manufacturer that offers a strong warranty is Clean Water Co, which provides a limited lifetime guarantee on their water softeners. This guarantee covers the resin tank, brine tank, and electronic control head for the lifetime of the product, giving homeowners peace of mind that their water softener will function as expected and any problems will be promptly addressed.

When selecting a water softener, individuals should carefully review the warranty and guarantees offered by the manufacturer and opt for a device that offers the level of protection and peace of mind they require. It is also essential to consider the customer support offered by the manufacturer, including the availability of technical support, troubleshooting resources, and repair services. A manufacturer with strong customer support can minimize downtime and ensure the water softener operates efficiently.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the reputation of the installer, as proper installation and configuration of the water softener are crucial for reliable performance. By taking into account both the manufacturer and the installer’s reputation, individuals can invest in a high-quality water softener that meets their specific needs.

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Purchase a system you can trust

Customer Testimonials

At Clean Water Co, we pride ourselves on delivering not just top-notch water softening systems but also unparalleled customer service, substantiated by our extensive array of positive customer testimonials. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering, ensuring that every user experiences the best of what we have to offer. Our reviews speak volumes about our dedication to providing optimal solutions and support, validating our status as a trusted leader in the industry. When you choose Clean Water Co, you’re opting for reliability, excellence, and a company wholeheartedly endorsed by its customers.

100% satisfied with the installations and operation of this system. I was able to perceive a difference in my water immediately.

Stacey Croghan

The Clean Water system was a no brained. This investment includes a financial gain as well as the benefit of your health.

Daniel Rivera

Clean Water Co has provided a system that has genuinely improved our quality of life. Their flexibility when it came to financing made it affordable, and their service when it comes to maintaining has kept our water flowing and clean.

Sharon Moore

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