About the Company

Welcome to Clean Water Co, your easy and straightforward solution for home water treatment. We specialize in superior water filtration systems, simplifying the process of finding the perfect system for your home. Our commitment is to offer you a seamless journey towards healthier living with filtered water, free from contaminants. Trust Clean Water Co to transform your water experience, making water filtration easy, efficient, and effective.

Our Team

Meet our team members!

Chris Henson

Water Specialist

Phillip Montion

Water Specialist

Elijah Best

Water Specialist

Kevin Files

Water Specialist

Cody Fushikoshi-Wago

Operations Manager

Zach Kearse

Marketing Manager

Jack King


Christine Murphy


Taryn Murphy

Sales Admin

Derek Murphy


Core Values


Our team holds themselves to the highest ethical standards. Ethics is apart of our daily lives as well as how we represent ourselves with our customers and how we service them. If we don’t have ethics, we don’t have a company.


The staff we have are fully aligned with the company goals and are focused on growth. Only people that want to grow personally and professionally will make it on our team. When we have a fully aligned team we can not only align goals with the business but also with everyone personally, so they can achieve their personal goals as well.


Our team is dedicated to bringing the best possible options for our customers and are dedicated to the growth and vision of the company. We don’t just show up to punch in and out, we show up to build a future we can all be proud of


We not only inspire our customers through our education with them, we inspire our team. We talk about our successes, we encourage others and we always focus on moving towards our personal and professional goals.

Results Oriented

In everything that we do we focus on results. Our team is driven to hit their metrics and encourage others to do so as well. We deliver the best results to our customers and always maintain our good relationship with the communities we serve.