In our everyday lives, we often take clean water for granted. We turn on the tap, and out it flows. But do we ever stop to think about what’s in our water? Among the many contaminants that can make their way into our water supply, lead is one of the most harmful. It’s a potent neurotoxin that can cause a host of health issues, particularly in children. Yet, lead contamination in drinking water remains a significant concern worldwide, and especially in areas with older plumbing systems.

The good news is, it’s possible to protect yourself and your family from this invisible threat. A comprehensive water filtration system can effectively reduce lead levels in your water, providing peace of mind every time you fill a glass. In this article, we will delve into the issue of lead contamination in drinking water, discuss the crucial role of water filtration systems, and introduce you to the ELV8 7S – a leading whole home water filtration system that’s fondly referred to as the “lead eater”.

With thorough research and the latest information, we aim to empower you to make informed decisions about your home’s water quality. Let’s start this journey towards safer, cleaner water together.

Understanding Lead Contamination

Before we dive into the specifics of lead removal, it’s crucial to understand how lead contamination happens. Lead primarily enters drinking water when service pipes containing lead corrode. This process is particularly likely in older properties built before lead use was widely banned in plumbing materials. Factors such as the age of the pipes, the temperature of the water, the amount of wear and tear, and the water’s pH and mineral content can affect the amount of lead that seeps into the water.

When lead pipes corrode, lead can leak into the water flowing through the pipes, contaminating it before it even reaches your tap. This problem is most pronounced when the water has been sitting in the pipes for several hours, such as overnight or during the workday. That’s why it’s often recommended to let your tap run for a minute or two before using the water if your home has lead pipes.

Lead contamination isn’t just a problem in older homes. Newer homes can also be at risk if the builders used lead solder or fixtures, or if the municipal water supply contains lead. In fact, even if your home’s plumbing is completely lead-free, if your water supply passes through lead pipes at any point on its way to your home, your water could be contaminated with lead.

Understanding the ways that lead can contaminate your water supply is the first step in protecting your home and your family. In the following sections, we’ll look at how you can do just that, with an emphasis on the powerful lead-removing abilities of the ELV8 7S water filtration system.

Overview of Lead Removal Methods

Lead in drinking water is a serious concern, but fortunately, several effective methods can remove it. It’s essential to understand these methods, their effectiveness, and how they can be combined for maximum lead reduction. The primary methods for lead removal include distillation, reverse osmosis, and filtration with specific media.

Distillation is a purification process where water is boiled to create steam, which is then condensed and collected. The process can effectively remove lead since it doesn’t evaporate with the water. However, distillation is energy-intensive and slow, making it less suitable for a whole-home solution.

Reverse osmosis is a method where water is forced through a semi-permeable membrane to remove contaminants. It’s highly effective at removing lead, but it also eliminates beneficial minerals. Furthermore, reverse osmosis systems can be costly, require regular maintenance, and waste a significant amount of water.

Filtration with specific media is the method we will focus on in this article. The right filtration media can selectively remove lead without affecting beneficial minerals. There are several types of filter media that can reduce lead, with activated carbon and some Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) media being the most common. KDF 85, for instance, is known for its effectiveness against lead and other heavy metals.

While these methods can be used individually, combining them provides the most comprehensive protection against lead. This combination is precisely what the ELV8 7S Whole House Water Filtration System offers. The ELV8 7S employs multiple filtration stages, including catalytic carbon cubes, KDF 55, KDF 85, and a complimentary reverse osmosis system. This multi-stage approach ensures thorough lead removal and a healthy water supply for your entire home.

In the following sections, we’ll take a deeper dive into the ELV8 7S system, explaining how it uses these different methods to achieve exceptional lead removal.

Deep Dive into Water Filtration Systems

Water filtration systems provide a practical and effective solution to lead and other water contaminants. However, not all systems are created equal. Some are designed to target specific impurities, while others offer comprehensive water treatment solutions. In this section, we will explore the mechanics of water filtration systems and how they work to eliminate lead, particularly focusing on the ELV8 7S Whole House Water Filtration System.

A key factor in a filtration system’s effectiveness is the type of media it uses. Activated carbon, for instance, is widely used due to its high adsorptive capacity. It’s particularly effective against chlorine and organic compounds but, with a micron rating lower than 1, it can also filter out lead. KDF 55 and KDF 85, another type of filter media, utilize a unique process of redox (oxidation and reduction) to remove chlorine, heavy metals (including lead), and control microbial growth.

Now let’s delve into the ELV8 7S. Branded as the “lead eater,” this whole-house water filtration system is an all-star when it comes to lead removal. Employing multiple filtration stages, including catalytic carbon cubes and KDF 55 and KDF 85, it tackles lead and other contaminants with precision and efficiency. The media work together, each targeting different contaminants to ensure comprehensive water treatment.

One major highlight of the ELV8 7S is its use of catalytic carbon cubes. These are a type of activated carbon, specially treated to have a high degree of microporosity and an increased capacity for catalytic reactions, enhancing their effectiveness in lead removal.

Beyond the carbon and KDF stages, the ELV8 7S goes a step further by including a complimentary reverse osmosis system. Reverse osmosis adds an extra level of purification, making sure that any trace amounts of lead that might have slipped through the initial stages are effectively eliminated. This is the combination of methods we discussed in the previous section, working together to protect your household from lead and other potential contaminants.

Whether you are dealing with lead, chlorine, hard water, or microplastics, the ELV8 7S is designed to handle it all. In the next section, we’ll examine this system in more detail, focusing on why it’s a top choice for homes dealing with lead contamination.

Exploring Media for Lead Removal in Water Filtration Systems

When it comes to removing lead from your water, the effectiveness of a water filtration system depends heavily on the type of filter media used. Different types of media have various strengths and are designed to target specific contaminants. In this section, we will focus on filter media that are particularly effective for lead removal, such as activated carbon, KDF 55, and KDF 85, all of which are found in the ELV8 7S.

Activated carbon, particularly in its catalytic form, is a powerful tool in the battle against lead contamination. It is made from organic materials with high carbon content like wood, coconut shells, or coal. The carbon is ‘activated’ by processing it at very high temperatures, which opens up millions of tiny pores between the carbon atoms, increasing its surface area. This porosity allows it to trap contaminants, including lead, as water passes through the filter. The catalytic carbon cubes in the ELV8 7S are uniquely effective, providing a large surface area for adsorption and enabling the filter to efficiently reduce lead levels.

Another important media are KDF 55 and KDF 85. KDF, or Kinetic Degradation Fluxion, is a high-purity copper-zinc formulation that uses a basic chemical process known as redox (oxidation/reduction) to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from water. The process also has a mild anti-bacterial, algaecic, and fungicidal effect and may reduce the accumulation of limescale. KDF 85 is particularly effective against iron and hydrogen sulfide, while KDF 55 targets chlorine and water-soluble heavy metals.

The ELV8 7S combines these types of media to maximize lead removal. But it doesn’t stop there. It also comes with a complimentary under-the-sink reverse osmosis (RO) system. RO is a water purification process that uses a partially permeable membrane to remove ions, unwanted molecules, and larger particles from drinking water. The RO system serves as a final safeguard, ensuring that the water you use is free of any residual lead particles.

Now that we’ve learned about the media used for lead removal, it’s clear that the ELV8 7S is equipped with the right tools to efficiently and effectively tackle lead in your water. In the next section, we’ll dive deeper into the specifics of this system and why it is a top choice for combating lead contamination.

Spotlight on ELV8 7S – The Lead Eater

Among the panoply of water filtration systems available in the market, the ELV8 7S stands out, particularly in the realm of lead removal. This system, appropriately dubbed the “Lead Eater,” is meticulously designed and robustly equipped to tackle lead contamination and a host of other water pollutants.

The ELV8 7S is not just a filtration system; it’s a comprehensive solution to your water quality concerns. This 7-stage filtration system is constructed with a carefully selected array of media that work synergistically to remove contaminants. It is equipped with catalytic carbon cubes, KDF 55, and KDF 85 – all efficient in reducing lead and other impurities from your water supply. Each stage in this filtration process plays a pivotal role, ensuring that the water reaching your tap is of the highest quality.

Here’s how it works: the water first encounters the catalytic carbon, which adsorbs lead and other impurities. Then, it passes through layers of KDF 55 and KDF 85 media, which further reduces heavy metals, chlorine, and hydrogen sulfide. But the process doesn’t stop there. To ensure the utmost purity, the ELV8 7S is paired with an under-the-sink reverse osmosis system. This final treatment stage acts as an additional safety measure, filtering out any remaining contaminants, including lead particles.

But the ELV8 7S is not merely about performance; it’s about delivering a system that stands the test of time. Known for its durability, the ELV8 7S ensures you enjoy clean, lead-free water for years to come without significant maintenance requirements. With proper care, this system can last between 10 to 15 years. All that is required is the addition of salt, with saltless options also available.

In short, the ELV8 7S goes beyond providing clean, safe water. It offers peace of mind, knowing that the water you and your family use daily is free of lead and other harmful contaminants. This is why the ELV8 7S, the “Lead Eater,” is an excellent choice for anyone seeking an efficient, reliable, and long-lasting solution to lead contamination.

Benefits of Using ELV8 7S for Lead Removal

Choosing the ELV8 7S for lead removal in your water supply is a step towards ensuring better health and well-being for you and your loved ones. This system offers a variety of benefits, making it a clear winner among water filtration systems.

Comprehensive Lead Removal: The ELV8 7S doesn’t just reduce lead levels; it practically eliminates them. Its unique combination of catalytic carbon and KDF 55 & 85 effectively adsorbs and neutralizes lead particles. The complementary reverse osmosis system takes the filtration process a notch higher by ensuring that any residual lead is removed.

Multi-Pollutant Elimination: While lead removal is a significant concern, the ELV8 7S also handles a vast range of other contaminants. From heavy metals to chlorine, microplastics, and more, this system ensures that your water is not just lead-free, but also free of other pollutants that can adversely affect your health and the taste and odor of your water.

Longevity and Low Maintenance: Unlike some water filtration systems that require frequent filter changes and high maintenance, the ELV8 7S is built to last. With a lifespan of 10 to 15 years, it’s an investment that keeps on giving. The only maintenance required is the addition of salt, simplifying your filtration management.

Quality Water for All Home Uses: The ELV8 7S is a whole-house filtration system, which means it doesn’t just purify the water you drink, but the water you use for cooking, bathing, laundry, and more. You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that all the water in your home is free from harmful lead.

Health and Environmental Benefits: By using the ELV8 7S, you’re not only safeguarding your family’s health but also contributing to environmental sustainability. By choosing a long-lasting, low maintenance system, you’re reducing waste from disposable filters and decreasing the need for bottled water.

With its efficient performance, ease of maintenance, and multi-faceted benefits, the ELV8 7S “Lead Eater” proves to be a remarkable solution to lead-contaminated water. It stands as a testament to what innovative engineering and a commitment to health and safety can achieve.


In an era where lead contamination in water remains a significant concern, proactive measures to safeguard our health and that of our loved ones become vital. Understanding how lead enters our water supply, its detrimental effects on health, and the essential role of water filtration systems in its removal is the first step towards ensuring safer water consumption.

While several methods can mitigate lead contamination, employing a dedicated home water filtration system offers the most reliable defense. Among these systems, the ELV8 7S stands out with its comprehensive contaminant removal, including lead. The system’s unique combination of catalytic carbon cubes and KDF 55 and 85, coupled with an accompanying reverse osmosis system, provides a robust solution for lead removal, validating its moniker as the “Lead Eater.”

The ELV8 7S offers more than just lead removal. It handles a myriad of other contaminants, ensuring your water is not just lead-free but also free from other harmful pollutants. With its longevity, low maintenance, and comprehensive purification, the ELV8 7S becomes a clear choice for individuals seeking a sustainable, efficient, and health-securing water filtration system.

As we conclude, remember that the value of clean, safe water is immeasurable. As such, investing in a system like the ELV8 7S can truly be a lifesaver. Ensure the water you and your family consume is free from harmful lead. Take action today for a healthier tomorrow.

Take Action Now

Your family’s health and well-being is too valuable to be compromised. Now that you are equipped with knowledge about lead contamination and the proven solution offered by the ELV8 7S, it’s time to take decisive action. Don’t allow your loved ones to fall prey to the harmful effects of lead.

Invest in the ELV8 7S Whole Home Water Filtration system today. Reap the benefits of clean, safe, and lead-free water for years to come. Remember, every drop of water you consume matters, and so does your choice of filtration system. Choose wisely; choose ELV8 7S – the Lead Eater.

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