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Restore the purity of water in the home. 

Address The Issues:

Drinking water

Get purified water straight from your faucet. With the CWC filtration system, you will have purified water that is the same quality as Fiji, SmartWater, and Voss.

Clean Water Co. and the H2O Alchemist community has helped save over 2,370,000 plastic water bottles.

Appliances and plumbing

Softening your home water supply will greatly increase the lifespan of your home appliances. Clean Water Co. has helped our customers save an estimate of $22,500,000 in plumbing & appliance expenses.

Washing and cleaning

Protect your skin and hair with the whole home water filtration and softening system. Every shower and fauset will have filtered, softened water.

Explore the possibilities of pure water

Test the water in your home to determine your water needs.

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