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Service and Maintanence 

Service and Maintanence 

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    Our Clients Say

    Thank you Chris, Henson for the outstanding customer service and timely install. We wanted a system for our new home and your knowledge and clarity with what we were getting made the decision an easy one. After we decided to go with it the system on a Saturday (On a scheduled appointment) it was running the the following Monday. Pretty impressive. Showers, Laundry, Dishes, and the drinking water is beyond expectations. Thank you!
    Lucas Llewellyn

    Great company and product. We noticed a difference in our water almost immediately. Our water tastes so much better, our daughter has eczema and her skin is so much better. Kevin Spear was a pleasure to work with, he answered all our questions. I especially appreciated him testing our water and showing us the water study in our area. The installers were very professional and showed us the system and how to monitor it with a phone app. Altogether a very positive experience, I would highly recommend anyone needing a water treatment system use Clean Water Co.
    Karl Gansler

    We are super happy with the filtration system. You can immediately taste the difference! The extra benefits with the soap are really nice as well. We notice a really big difference with laundry as well, our clothes are softer and the color doesn’t fade like it used to. The customer service with the company is awesome. Chris was awesome and super flexible with his time and our availability. He explained everything very well and was helpful through the whole process.
    Chean Hepworth

    water filtration system service

    We Service ALL Water Systems

    No matter the type or model, we can service it. 

    water filtration system service
    Water filtration and softener media replacement

    Media Replacement

    Resin, carbon, KDF and more available. Give us a call for more information and pricing.

    Reverse Osmosis Filter replacement

    Filter Delivery & Replacement

    Time to change your RO filters? We got you covered. We have access to any RO filter. Send us the brand and model and we will do the rest.

    Reverse Osmosis Filter replacement
    Water softening and filtration installation

    Install/Uninstall Service

    Need to install a new system or move an old system? We have certified technicians to safely install or move any water system.  

    Glass door half cleaned from water spots

    Salt Delivery

    Need salt for your water softener? We can deliver it directly to your door step. Give us a call for more information. 

    Salt delivery
    Water quality test

    Water Quality Retest 

    Retest the water after installing a water filtration system. Ensure your system is properly handling the water

    Schedule 20-Point Inspection

    Schedule a consultation determine your needs. A water specialist will test the water from your faucet. Based off these results, we will recommend the perfect solution for your home. 

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