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Clean Water Co is the exclusive Authorized Dealer for Maytag® Water Products in the state of Colorado. When you bring a MAYTAG® water treatment system home, you can count on years of dependability. You can trust the system to help your water-using appliances get the job done right too – machine washables that retain color longer, fluffy towels, gleaming faucets and tiles, great-tasting water, and sparkling glassware. Soaps and shampoos rinse completely clean. Feel good knowing that your environmentally friendly MAYTAG® water treatment system will be there for you. 

Water filtration shop

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

“Service after the sale” is important to this company! They are not a set it and forget it business — from owner to employee; and I know from personal experience. Many thanks to Cody (a installer for customers) who has been by my house at least twice – almost feels like a friend! Ive been a customer to this company for almost 3 years. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

– Phill W

100% satisfied with the installations and operation of this system. I was able to perceive a difference in my water immediately.

– Stracey Croghan

Dealing with the Clean Water Company was a pleasant experience. The Company staff are very professional, polite and are able to answer questions based on experience. The install and setup went smooth and the install team was fantastic. They even came out again later to check the system and water. Thanks for making this a great experience.

– Lenny C

Why Schedule a water test?

Scheduling a water test is a critical step in protecting your health and ensuring the safety of your drinking water. A water test identifies unseen contaminants, like lead, helps you comply with safety standards, and provides peace of mind. With the insights gained from testing, you can make informed decisions, such as installing a filtration system like the ELV8 7S, to safeguard your water supply. At Clean Water Co, we provide accurate, free water testing services to help you secure a healthier future. Don’t leave your health to chance, schedule a water test today.

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