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Clean Water Co.

Clean Water Co. is an industry leading water filtration company located in Colorado Springs. We differentiate ourselves from our competition by providing a state of the art, 7-stage whole home system. Our system is currently in 1,200 homes. We are looking for high performing Real Estate Agents that want to go the extra mile for their clients.

Partnership Details

Explore the possibilities of pure water

Test the water in your home to determine your water needs.

Lab Water Testing - Free

To distinguish yourself from the competition, offer in-depth water tests as an additional free service. As part of our partnership program, CWC provides water testing kits that can be used by anyone. Just fill a few viels with water and ship it to us.


CWC partners differentiate themselves from competition by having extensive knockledge of the water quality in their territory. Realtors that address the water quality issues with their clients build a higher level of trust and credibility.


Partners can expect to be compensated for installs. For more details about compensation, please watch the video or complete the form below.

Note: We understand realtors are limited in this area, we offer exclusive discounts for your clients.

More About Clean Water Co.

CWC is the first brand to offer a water filtration system that addresses every known harmful contaminant and chemical found in water. The brand’s comprehensive home water filtration system was custom-designed and manufactured in the US to treat hard water, toxic chemicals, and heavy metals — without the drawbacks of standard systems.

Through our research, we found that the resin in typical water filtration systems does not last long because the disinfectant dissolves them. In addition, carbon filtration units breed bacteria, making it difficult for the system to thoroughly purify water and leading to contamination at every faucet.

CWC’s whole home water filtration system contains KDF 55 & 85 granules that remove bacteria, disinfectants, and heavy metals from the water to protect later stages in the filtration process and provide a higher level of filtration than other competitor systems.

Every salesperson is passionate about the company’s products and strives to create a truly positive and professional experience for each customer. Highly-detailed yet informative and engaging presentations help customers understand the tangible financial and health benefits of CWC’s products and make the right decision for their homes. Best of all, customers won’t need to worry about maintenance for the 10-15 year lifespan of the CWC whole home water filtration system.

The Water Filtration System

Explore the possibilities of pure water

Test the water in your home to determine your water needs.

Clean Water Co
Whole Home System

7 Stages filtration system

Stages and targets contaminants:
Layer 1:
  Chlorine, Mercury, Lead,  Aluminum,  Heavy Metals
Layer 2: Sulfur Smell |  Iron |  Fungi |  Algae
Layer 3:
 Scale |  Microorganisms |  Fungi |  Chromium
Layer 4: Disinfectants |  Nitrates |  Arsenic |  Selenium |  Control Bacteria
Layer 5:
 Chlorine & Ammonia |  Gasses |  Orders |  Taste Discoloration
Layer 6:
 Hardness |  Water Spots |  Soft Hair |  Soft Skin |  Soap Activation
Layer 7:
 Sediment |  Reduces Odors |  Stable Media Bed

The 7 step systems are designed to reduce 99.9% of the contaminants and soften the water at the same time. If you are looking for a whole home solution to product your home and your health, look no rather.

Protect Appliances and plumbing

Reducing Calcium and other hard contaminants in your water keep your pipes clean and greatly increase the lifespan of your plumbing and appliances. Our 7-stage system has helped our customers save an estimate of $22,500,000 in plumbing & appliance expenses.


Our 7-stage water filtration system is also great for cleaning. With pure water, you will be able to clean without leaving water spots, and your skin and hair will be much softer and healthier. Since your skin is your largest organ, it will absorb water and vaper, so filtering every drop of water entering your home is crucial.

Product differentiation

Take a closer look at our system and discover what makes it unique.


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