Until recently, access to truly pure water in the home was wishful thinking for health-conscious consumers. That all changed when Derek and ChristineMurphy founded Clean Water Co..

This is their story.

Around 2016, the family of Derek and Christine Murphy was facing major health issues that were being caused by local contaminated water. To naturally restore their health, they began to search for a whole-house water purification and softening system that would:

• Help alleviate chronic health issues affecting their skin and hair
• Prevent hard water spots from forming on shower and kitchen surfaces
• Improve the cleanliness of their clothing
• Give them peace of mind, knowing their water was truly pure and free of contaminants.

Unable to find a solution that met their quality expectations, they set out to do the research necessary to create a system that would address every known contaminant and chemical found in water. Derek Murphy consulted with the top engineers and water specialists in the country to identify and solve problems that many consumers were struggling with, and water filtration companies were
simply unaware of — or actively ignoring.

Their efforts led to the creation of a comprehensive, seven-stage water filtration and purification system built with a highly specialized combination of KDF 55 & 85 granules that removes bacteria, disinfectants, and heavy metals from the water. The system addresses and overcomes many of the problems ignored by other popular systems on the market, such as bacteria growth and frequent
mechanical failures. The system greatly improved the health and well-being of the Murphy family — so much so that they wanted to share their solution with others facing similar challenges. Today, Clean Water Co. is helping families and homeowners across the country gain access to truly pure water, and live healthy and happy lives.

We are a group of moms, dads, and health-minded enthusiasts passionate about the water quality solution we have been searching for and recently discovered. We’re excited to share the system we trust to nourish and protect our loved ones.

We’re on a mission to help families, homeowners, and health-conscious consumers choose the water quality solution they need to enjoy pure water and live healthy and happy lives.

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