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The ELV8 TRIPLE THREAT is the best of both worlds, by combining the benefits of a whole house water filter and salt-free softener into one compact, easy-to-install system. Specifically designed for you to have worry-free, great-tasting, and conditioned water from every tap in your home without the negative effects of salt and hard water scale.

ELV8 TripleThreat Stages:

5 Micron Pleated Sediment Filter: Designed to eliminate any visible particulate matter and any particles of dirt, sand, silt, clay, rust, and other debris. This is a crucial first step in the filtration process and as a result, clean clear water is able to pass easily through to the next stage of filtration extending the life of the carbon filter. Our 20” pleated sediment filter is twice the size of standard filters on the market giving you double the filtering capacity and filter life. *5-Micron filters down to 14 times smaller than a human hair. As an added benefit, our sediment filter can be washed several times before replacement if you live in an area with heavy sediment.
Chlorine/Chloramine Carbon Block Filter: Our system utilizes the most advanced technology in whole house water filtration available today. The high-performance Catalytic Activated Coconut Shell Carbon Block filter technology will protect you and your loved ones from the harmful effects of Chlorine and Chloramine plus other chemicals and contaminants normally found in municipal/city water. Due to its uniform pore structure it enables the carbon block to achieve higher effectiveness in contaminant reduction. The carbon block also increases the contact time with the filter media, further increasing the block’s ability to filter out contaminants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), Total Trihalomethanes (THM’s), Haloacetic Acids (HAA’s). Our Evo carbon block also immobilizes carbon particles to promote uniformity of performance and prevent water from channeling.
eSoft Salt-Free Softener eSoft: Salt-Free Technology works through a Physical Alteration process called Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC). In template-assisted crystallization, water flows through a cartridge with eSoft media. This media consists of tiny polymer beads called “Carbonate Crystal Structures” These carbonate crystal structures act as templates to form micro-crystals. Once hard water comes into contact with the eSoft media, the calcium and magnesium ions are intercepted by the nucleation sites. As more calcium and magnesium ions build-up, small calcium and magnesium micro-crystals form. Once they reach a certain size, these harmless calcium and magnesium micro-crystals break off from the media and are released into the water. Once treated the effects of hard water are eliminated. Scale is problematic and destructive to household plumbing and is often the biggest issue amongst people living with hard water. Scale can destroy appliances like dishwashers, laundry machines, showerheads, and coffee makers. Even worse is the damage done to hot water appliances, as the temperature of the water increases the faster the formation of scale occurs. Tankless Water Heaters and Insta-Hot Faucets can “Flash Heat” the water and cause scale to precipitate out at an even faster rate. Scale can also reduce water pressure, restrict flow rates, and in some cases, prevent water from flowing through your home. Of course, replacing household plumbing is enormously expensive. Our eSoft Salt-Free Softeners will prevent future scale as well as remove the existing hard water scale. Thus, fully protecting your plumbing and appliances and making cleaning easier. This technology does not require any salt, electricity, or drain line to operate, it is virtually maintenance-free. The eSoft salt-free softener/conditioner cartridge does not require replacement due to the fact that it is a physical alteration, not a chemical alteration.


eSoft Salt-Free Softener vs Traditional Salt-Based Water Softener

Our eSoft Salt-Free water softener systems will not only prevent future scale from forming in your plumbing, it also will remove existing scale formation. Unlike traditional salt-based water softeners, which only address future scale. eSoft is a physical alteration that keeps the beneficial minerals such as calcium/magnesium in the water, while salt-based softener systems utilize a chemical alteration, which introduces sodium into the drinking water supply. The introduction of sodium can often be a major issue with individuals suffering from Heart or Kidney disease.

Salt-Free Softeners are environmentally friendly and offer a lot of advantages such as no water waste, no electricity, no slippery feel, no maintenance, and leaves the healthy beneficial minerals in the water vs salt-based water softeners that waste hundreds of gallons per backwash (up to 3X weekly), introduces sodium into the water and environment, leaves the water slippery/slimy, uses heavy salt bags, electricity and requires maintenance. There are many cities throughout the US that have already banned the use of salt-based water softeners.


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