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Experience premium water quality and convenient filter maintenance with our Proline Reverse Osmosis System Replacement Sets. Designed to perfectly align with the Proline Reverse Osmosis System, these sets eliminate the hassle of buying individual filters.

ANNUAL REPLACEMENT PACKAGE: Keep your system operating at its best with our yearly set that includes:

  • Sediment Pre-Filter (93023, 1st Stage): Clears out sediment and larger particles, prolonging the life of the other filters.
  • 2 x Carbon Block Filters (OMB934-5m, 2nd & 3rd Stage): Double carbon action to remove chlorine and improve taste and odor.
  • Inline Carbon GAC Post Filter (CL10ROT33-BB, 5th Stage): Final polish to ensure pure, great-tasting water.

FULL REPLACEMENT PACKAGE: For an all-inclusive update, choose our Full Replacement Package, featuring:

  • Sediment Pre-Filter (93023, 1st Stage): Eliminates sediment and particulates.
  • Carbon Block Pre-Filter (OMB934-5m, 2nd & 3rd Stage): Dual carbon filtration for superior taste and odor removal.
  • RO Membrane TLC 50 GPD (555694-00, 4th Stage): Advanced membrane that eradicates up to 99.9% of contaminants like heavy metals.
  • Inline Carbon GAC Post Filter (CL10ROT33-BB, 5th Stage): Final polish to ensure pure, great-tasting water.


  • Ease of Use: These sets are designed for hassle-free installation, so you can do it yourself without worry.
  • No Confusion: With clearly identified serial numbers for each filter, you'll know you’re getting exactly what you need.
  • Time-Saving: Get all your filters in one convenient package, saving you the time and effort of purchasing each one separately.

Choose our Reverse Osmosis replacement filters sets for unmatched water quality and convenience. Don't compromise when it comes to your family's health. Trust in Proline for your water purification needs.

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