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ELV8 4S Water Conditioner


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Introducing the ELV8 4S - A 4 stage water conditioning system. This system is designed to soften the water and reduce other contaminants like disinfectants, chemicals and heavy metals.

Media and layer details:

Layer 1: Granular Carbon
Granular Carbon filter use to target Chlorine, Taste and Order.
Layer 2: Resin
Resin is most commonly found in water softening systems. A water softener is a device that uses sodium ions to remove calcium and magnesium ions from water.
Layer 3: KDF
KDF is made of granulated copper and zinc alloys, which are designed to reduce heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic and iron from water sources.
Layer 4: Stone bedding
Stone bedding is an essential component of a water filtration system. It helps to capture and filter the sediment, dirt, and other contaminants from the water that passes through it. Stone bedding works by trapping large particles in its pores and on its surface.

Required maintenance:

Maintenance will be require every 3-5 years.

Additional information

System Type

Salt, Saltless System


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