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Complete Care Package

$49.99 on the 1st of each month and a $60.00 sign-up fee

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Introducing our Complete Care Package service, the ultimate convenience in maintaining your water quality systems. This all-in-one service is designed to remove the hassle of buying water softener salt bags and finding the right replacement filters for your reverse osmosis system. With this comprehensive package, you'll receive both salt and filters delivered right to your doorstep, when you need them.

Salt Delivery: A reliable delivery of six 40lb bags of high-quality water softener salt every 6 months ensures your softening system functions optimally year-round, giving you soft and clean water at all times.

Filter Delivery: Once a year, we'll send you the appropriate reverse osmosis replacement filters. No more guessing games about which filters to buy; our service takes care of that for you. If your RO system needs a membrane replacement (which typically happens every 2 years), that will be included in the second year's delivery.

By combining both our Salt and Filter delivery services, the Complete Care Package offers the best of both worlds. Say goodbye to unexpected trips to the store and the guesswork involved in maintenance. Trust in our service to handle all your water filtration and softening needs seamlessly.

NOTE: A one-time $60 startup fee is added for the initial salt and filter delivery. Your initial shipment will be dispatched within 2-3 business days after your purchase, and it will contain six bags of water softener salt along with new filters for your reverse osmosis system. If you require delivery more urgently, please contact give us a call.


Service: Complete Care Package (Salt and Filter Delivery)
Delivery: Pre and Post filters Yearly, RO Membrane every other year; 6 bags of water softener salt every 6 months.
Frequency: Filters - 1 delivery per year; Salt - 2 deliveries per year.

Important Details:

  1. Filters: The Pre and Post filters need to be replaced annually to maintain optimum water quality. Your first filter delivery will arrive with your initial Complete Care Package.
  2. RO Membrane: The Reverse Osmosis Membrane is designed to last for two years. It will be included in your filter delivery every second year to ensure your system remains effective.
  3. Salt: Six 40lb bags of water softener salt will be delivered to your doorstep twice a year, providing a consistent and hassle-free supply for your water softener system.

By subscribing to the Complete Care Package, you're ensuring a comprehensive solution for both your water softening and filtration needs, delivered right to your door.



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