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Alkaline Remineralization 2512-ALK Inline Filter


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Transform your ordinary tap water into a wellspring of health with our cutting-edge In-line Alkaline Remineralization & pH Filter. As the premier alkaline water filter on the market, this powerful unit adds essential minerals back into your water while balancing its pH level for optimal health benefits.

Comprising a complex blend of mineralizing elements, the filter increases water's alkalinity, turning it into antioxidant-rich, high-pH water. This natural method of filtration not only improves taste but also offers a range of health advantages such as better hydration, enhanced immunity, and balanced body pH.

Why settle for water that only quenches your thirst when you can have water that nourishes your body? Our In-line Alkaline Remineralization & pH Filter works efficiently to reduce acidity and harmful contaminants in your water while retaining beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Installation is a breeze, and the filter is compatible with most home water filtration systems. Replace your standard filter with this alkaline water filter and notice an immediate improvement in water taste and quality. The best part? It's designed to last, offering you and your family continuous access to revitalized, high-pH water for months to come.

Elevate your hydration game and experience the benefits of alkaline water today!


  • Service Life: 1 yr or 2000 gal
  • Made with NSF certified coconut shell carbon
  • 1/4" NPT Ports
  • Remineralizes your water and raises your pH level
  • Fits any RO & Drinking water System, Ice makers, Coffee makers, Refrigerators, Water Coolers or any Point Of Use.


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