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Clean Water Co is proud to announce the launch of our brand-new Care Package program. This program is designed to remove the hassle of purchasing salt bags and replacing reverse osmosis filters. Here are the package options:

Salt Delivery Service:
Salt bags delivered directly to your door. No more last minute Home Depot/Lowes runs. We will deliver your salt in bulk every 6 months.

RO Filter Replacement:
Easiest way to replace your reverse osmosis filter! No more guessing. We will send the correct filters to your doorstep when a replacement is needed (every 12 months).

Complete Care:
Handle your RO filter replacements and salt delivery in one package. This is our most popular plan.

Platinum Care:
RO filter replacement, salt delivery, and system insurance in one package. This will cover everything with your system including trip fees for our technicians.

All products will be delivered in bulk. Salt will be delivered 6 months at a time. Filters will be delivered and installed every 12 months.

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Salt Delivery, RO Filter Replacement, Complete Care, Platinum Care

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