Is Colorado Springs Tap Water Healthy To Drink?

by | Sep 6, 2022 | Water information

Colorado Springs has thirty total contaminants in its water—ten of which exceed Environmental Working Group (EWG) guidelines on safe tap water. While many of these contaminants are naturally-occurring minerals, others have entered the water system through water treatment processes or industrial waste runoffs. Contaminants such as radium, uranium, and trihalomethanes can have health consequences for the human body.

Federal health-based drinking water standards for the legal limits of contaminants have not been updated in almost twenty years. Just because a city’s water quality tests may meet the federal government’s legal limits does not mean it has no negative impacts on your health.

Therefore, it’s important to get educated about what’s in your water and the harm it could be causing to your home and your family. Then you’ll be in the best position to decide on the optimal course of action for improving your family’s water supply.

Let’s take a look at the contaminants in Colorado Springs’ water and some damage they can cause.

What’s in Your Water?

If you live in Colorado Springs, the tap water delivered to your house contains contaminants such as toxic chemicals, minerals, heavy metals, microorganisms, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environmental Working Group, contaminants detected in Colorado Springs’ water include:



0.06 - Health Guideline
5.67 - Test Results
95x Over Guidelines
0.4 - Health Guideline
43 - Test Results
108x Over Guidelines
0.1 - Health Guideline
0.591 - Test Results
5.9x Over Guidelines
0.2 - Health Guideline
10.6 - Test Results
53x Over Guidelines
Dichloroacetic acid
0.1 - Health Guideline
38.7 - Test Results
387x Over Guidelines
Haloacetic acids (HAA5)
0.06 - Health Guideline
37 - Test Results
617x Over Guidelines
Haloacetic acids (HAA9)
0.05 - Health Guideline
0.31 - Test Results
6.2x Over Guidelines
Radium, combined (-226 & -228)
0.15 - Health Guideline
43.3 - Test Results
289x Over Guidelines
Total trihalomethanes (TTHMs)
0.1 - Health Guideline
24.1 - Test Results
241x Over Guidelines
Trichloroacetic acid
0.43 - Health Guideline
1.24 - Test Results
2.9x Over Guidelines

The Colorado Department of Health recommends testing your water if you’re concerned about contaminant levels.

Is Colorado Springs’ Water Healthy?

Colorado Springs overall has decent water.  However, there are parts of the springs that has very contaminated water. Every home’s water quality is different. It’s important to get a home tap water test.

In addition to the contaminants mentioned above, there are other, recent concerns about the health risk posed by the water in the state of Colorado. For example, water contamination lawsuits, such as the one filed by the Colorado Attorney General’s Office against fifteen makers of firefighting foam, have brought to light concerning violations of the Clean Water Act.

Through water samples, state health officials found long-lasting, dangerous chemicals known as PFAS at sites such as the Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs and in surrounding areas. These chemicals, which are used not only in firefighting foam but in many other commercial and industrial products, are known to have negative health effects on people and animals.

When companies are negligent about the discharge of pollutants, chemicals like PFAS can contaminate a town’s major water source, increasing the likelihood of exposure. Colorado Springs residents should consider having water tests done to find out if their water has been impacted.

Using Water Filter Systems to Purify Contaminated Water

A whole house water filter is a sustainable alternative to purchasing bottled water for drinking at home. Not only does it reduce plastic use, but it also gives you pure water to use for all your water use needs, such as showering and doing laundry.

There are four main types of water filtration systems:

  • Water Softeners. These protect against hard water by removing minerals such as calcium and magnesium through the use of resin beads but don’t remove most other contaminants.
  • Carbon Filters. Carbon filters—which can use either loose carbon granules or compressed carbon—remove contaminants through the magnetic power of activated carbon, often sourced from coconut shells. They are effective in removing chlorine, pesticides, chloroform, and some VOCs. They typically improve the taste and odor of tap water.
  • Copper and Zinc Filter (KDF). Uses an exact combination of copper and zinc and is highly effective at killing microorganisms.
  • Reverse Osmosis System. Filters water at a molecular level and removes any particles larger than a water molecule. It’s effective at removing arsenic, fluoride, and hexavalent chromium. It doesn’t remove chlorine, trihalomethanes, or VOCs.

None of these is a complete solution, but when they are combined properly, they can be extremely effective.

How to Get the Cleanest Drinking Water in Colorado Springs

An advanced water filter system for your home will ensure that the water you use for drinking, cooking, showering, and cleaning will exceed the drinking water standard set by Colorado Springs Utilities. With a whole house water filter installation, you can achieve the combined filtering effects of a reverse osmosis water filter, a carbon filter, a KDF filter, and a water softener.

The Clean Water Company’s 7-stage water filter system combines all four types of water filtration into one complete solution. The whole-house water filtration system includes these stages:

  1. Water softening (2 stages). Garnet stones filter large particles, while synthetic resin in small beads softens water through ion exchange. This process changes the molecular structure of contaminants like calcium and magnesium into sodium as they pass over the beads.
  2. Carbon filter. A carbon filter is added to remove chlorine, odors, and taste.
  3. KDF (4 stages). The copper and zinc filter removes all remaining contaminants, microorganisms, chemicals, minerals, and VOCs.

In addition to the whole-house system, the Clean Water Company recommends a 6-stage reverse osmosis water filter under the kitchen sink. This will give an added opportunity to remove any remaining particles, giving you extra clean, purified water for drinking and cooking.

Finding the Best Water Filter for Your Home

Every home is different and every family has different needs and concerns. The age and condition of your pipes can impact the quality of the water at your faucet, and you may even have different results from one room to another.

Your best bet is to find a water filter company that can test your specific water and do a comprehensive water filter installation. The Clean Water Company is a family-owned and managed water filter supplier dedicated to giving you the cleanest water possible.

Whether you need a reverse osmosis water filter replacement, a whole house water filter replacement, or a brand-new water filter system for your home, we can design the best solution for your family and dwelling. Book a water test today and find out how we can get you the safest drinking water in Colorado Springs.